Grace for Today

The more I learn, the more I learn I have to learn.  As God reveals Himself to me in His word and in His children and in answers to prayer I see how very far short I fall.  His grace is my life thread, my very life.  That I would have any hope of bringing Him glory is laughable!

I am increasingly finding our faith shallow and dull.  I long for those who are completely sold out to Jesus Christ.  For a body of believers full of faith and so committed to spreading God’s word that nothing will deter them.  For a mentor, a deep, weathered, woman of God to show me more; teach me more; encourage me to press on.  Then I realize that this is what God wants of me. To BE that.  Even as I plod and struggle my way to Him that I would bring others along with me to Him.

This world has the church.  It has it.  We need to take back God’s Church – His Bride.  We need men of God to stand for God.  We need women of God to help with all that we are and all that we have to speak the truth of Christ with grace and love to our brothers and sisters so that they are not lost nor are the next generation.  The church is luke warm when we should be fanatics, radical for Christ, zealots, different from this world, a bright light of hope for those lost in the darkness.

So I start with my heart, my body, my mind, my strength, my day.  I give them to Jesus and pray that He will live in me today.  That I examine each decision I make in the light of God’s Word.

Is this choice bringing me closer to Him or am I simply making another worldly choice that will be destroyed in the fire?

I had no idea how much the world had been absorbed into my life.  Now I see some of it much more clearly.  The waste, the greed, the overabundance of stuff, the “I can’t live with out that” attitudes, the obesity, the laziness, the idleness, the self-centeredness in me – all of which the world encourages in order to make another dollar.  I have lived in all of this (and more) when God has clearly blessed me so that I can help others find Him.  Guilty as charged.

Grace for today.  Today I press on.  Press on to bless those in my path, to love well, to surrender all, to engage in ministry that brings others to Jesus.  I will be mindful, intentional, radical in my decisions.  More so every day I pray.  Lord let me not waste one more breath on the things of this world.  Help me Lord to use the resources You have blessed me with to build Your Kingdom.  May You dwell in me richly.  May You change my life, take my life, use my life for Your will.  Amen.


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