So, What About You?

How are you doing?  I don’t have many people that ask me that question.  It almost always takes me by surprise – especially when the person asking seems genuinely interested in my answer.

A simple question with lots of layers of replies.

“fine”  “great”  “ok”


“I’ve been better”  “I’m here”  “I’ve been doing really well, thanks”


“how much time have you got?”

We often gauge our answers by what we believe the asker really wants to know – a little, the truth, or they’ll take time to really hear me.  God has created us to need community.  We all need just a few people in our lives who know the deep answer to that question.  People who regularly seek us out to really know us and our circumstances; who invest themselves in our lives, and hopefully we return the favor.

In Sunday School, the friend beside me made a flip statement that they didn’t really like people all that much.  It took me by surprise as I view them as very like-able.  But it made me giggle a bit as I also get it.  As an introvert, I can be perfectly content in my “hidey-hole” as my daughter has aptly named it.  You know that place that is your safe zone – comfort zone – retreat at the end of a long day – far, far away from people.  Maybe this is why I so like walking in the woods!  People can be tiring, needy, hurtful, greedy, selfish, and even down right messed up “takers”.  Yep.  That is why Jesus told us to go to them.  To take that good news of Him to the hurting and broken world.

People need people.  Even those of us who don’t always like people, we need them – at least some of them.  And they need us.  And that is the more important part.  They need us to tell them and take them to Jesus.  He is the “giver”.  Giver of love, of life, of freedom, of forgiveness.

So here is a challenge for you.  Answer the next question of “How are you doing?” with a deep truth and see who will step in to listen and point you to Jesus.  That is the making of a good friend.  And also ask as many people as you can this week “How are you doing?” with the full intent of receiving a deep, truthful answer, and be willing to step in to listen well and then point them to Jesus.

Will you accept the challenge?  It could get messy.  But this is our call to take the gospel into all the world.  Sacrifice some time.  Trust in Jesus as Savior and Provider.  Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit – with His wisdom and strength, and then step out into the big world of people with great faith in the One who came to die for them.

Beloved, God has prepared good works for you to do and they ALL involve people.  Take the gospel to them.  Love others well in the name of Jesus Christ.  Be encouraged.  Press on!


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