Their Words

Write therefore the things that you have seen, those that are and those that are to take place after this. (Revelation 1:19 ESV)

One of my callings is to write.  Write what I wasn’t told as clearly as John was.  Or maybe I was.  I was told to write for today what God places on my heart and in my mind for the day.  So here goes for today.  I am preparing my house for a women’s meet and mingle (think church fellowship group with who knows how many women will be in my home tonight).  We live like you do.  Messy.  I clean but not normally company clean if you know what I mean.  My girls are notorious for calling me out on it too.  When they see me cleaning things like light fixtures they know something is up!

I live with my daughter and her two small children a dog and two cats and my sweet husband who never complains about the conditions we live in!  Bless his heart!  So here I am with my house in a semi cleaned state, reading the words of others.  In them I find great encouragement and motivation to strive toward the goal of glorifying God.  My house will never be perfect.  But having just returned from El Salvador where my sisters in Christ have taught me great life lessons, what I have is more than enough.  God has provided, and I shall share it willingly with others.

Having the time and the heart to offer hospitality to whomever God brings to my house is precious to me.  Difficult for me but precious.  You see, it is only due to the work of God’s Holy Spirit in me through the words and encouragement of others as well as His Holy Word that I have changed and look forward to hosting events in my home.  I used to be so stressed out that my family members would need to be somewhere else as I cleaned.  I used to wonder why others weren’t helping me more, I mean really, this is their mess too!  Now I rejoice as I know that all that I have is a gift from God to be used for His great purposes.

So bring in the ladies tonight Lord.  Help them to see my dust and cobwebs and to know that they are loved enough to be allowed in.  In to my house and in to Your family.  Thank You Lord for those who have taken the time to write – they have been an encouragement to me.  Thank You for John’s obedience to write down what he saw, what was and what would take place later.  Help us to be ready and to be watchful.  Help us Lord encourage one another and all the more as we see the day approaching.

Be encouraged.  Tell of the wonderful things that God has done.  Press on!


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