A Prayer for Today

Father God in Heaven,

Great is Your name.  Great is Your creation.  Please forgive me for my sins.  Cleanse my heart Lord.  I praise You this morning for what You are doing in my life and the world.  I lift up to You today all who are ill and suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually for You are their comforter.  I pray Lord that You will be with me today as I set out to do Your will.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  Speak through me Your truths.  Let my arms be arms of love that embrace and encourage those I encounter.  May my actions bring You glory and build Your kingdom.  Place Your hand of protection over me.  Help me to serve others well with love.  Let me extend mercy, grace, and forgiveness as I have received it from you.  Let me not be discouraged should things not go the way that I expect them to go.  I pray for all those who go with me that they too will be submitted to You and humbly walking with You.  Thank You God for allowing me this opportunity to serve others in Your holy name.  Thank You for Your word.  May it be handled rightly today and always.  Come Lord Jesus!  Amen.

There are many unknowns in my life today.  A day that I and others have been preparing for for quite some time.  We trust God to take the little we have to offer and to multiply it for His great purposes.  I pray that you will do the same.  Be encouraged.  Press on!

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