Too Many Chiefs

Our mission team here in El Salvador consists of 15 individuals of varying ages and backgrounds, but many of us have one thing in common, we have leader personalities.  Ummm, I wonder what God had in mind here! Well for me, I can certainly tell you that He has been revealing my pride.  Praise God that I am already conscience that pride can be a stumbling block for me.  So when I notice it I seek God’s help in killing it!  I have far to go in this area but it is a work in progress.

One of my responsibilities and privileges on this trip is to share the gospel message at all of the children’s programs and our women’s conference this coming Saturday.  This is something that I have never done before, but I put quite a bit of thought, prayer, and time into the message that I would share.  Over the past few days, what I wrote has been tweaked, re-written, scratched out, and refined.  A small bit of me recoils from this in pain, but the Christian soul rejoices that I have accepted constructive criticism and the thoughts and opinions of others with God’s grace.  The outcome has become something of beauty and seems to be bringing people to salvation in Jesus!  Only God could orchestrate such a thing.

I love it when I know that in my own power I could not have accomplished what just got accomplished!  Only God.  He receives all the glory!  This mission trip is a perfect example of what God can do with a bunch of broken saints who are humbly submitted before His throne to be used for His good purposes!

Be encouraged today.  Kill your pride.  Humble yourself before our great God.  Press on!


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