Strengthening from the Lord Jesus

I went for a walk this morning.  If you call 7 miles a walk.  The sun was out but it was a very cool, frosty morning.  Thankfully there was only a slight breeze.  My two layers were plenty to keep me warm.  I didn’t bring much water, just one plastic bottle, which wouldn’t let me get too far from home.

I’ve been really struggling with my diet since returning home from our Camino adventure.  Trying to reset my system and gain some semblance of normal eating again.  It has been a daily battle, but God is with me and He can do it!

Anyway, as is my normal routine, I generally speak with the Lord as I walk.  I was asking Him to help renew my strength and perseverance for the long haul in regards to not craving sugar.  I asked Him to help me want to continue this journey of walking and maintaining good health.  It would be so easy to slip right back to my old ways, my old self and poor health.  Anyway, as my sweet Lord always does He blew my socks off in the first three miles of my walk!

He knows how I really enjoy seeing His beautiful creation especially His lovely animals.  On one of my glances over the horizon I caught sight of a coyote running right toward the road I was walking on, so I pulled out my camera and started videoing him!  Not great footage but proof none the less – and a better look at him than I had in person.  He was scooting right along and was very aware of my presence.  It isn’t normal to see them at 8am in the open, yet there he was none the less.

Then just a few minutes later, I caught sight of some deer out in the field.  Two maybe three of them.  So out came my camera again.  The zoom really helped me capture them.  I watched them for a while and then told them good morning.  Deer are so funny to watch.  They finally got spooked by me and off they ran.


And lastly a lovely little yellow butterfly.  In this extreme frost this morning I was very surprised to see him.  The fresh air, the birds and the creatures just really fill me up.  Thank you Lord!

It seems that when we seek God’s will and seek to stay in His will, He is quick to offer us what we need.  He wants us to come to Him to ask of Him for the things that only He can provide.  Had I listened to my flesh and stayed inside where it is warm and cozy, I would have missed out on all of this.

Now I hope you all enjoy what God has shown me but more than that I hope you go follow God’s lead in your own life and see what He has to offer you today.  Ask for it.  Watch for it.  Then go tell others about it.  God is good and faithful.  Let Him restore your soul and give you the strength you need for His calling on your life.  Be encouraged.  Press on!


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