My Early Quiet Time

It is a quiet summer morning.  No one else is up yet.  A gentle rain is falling outside.  A busy day is set before us.  This is my time to be with God, alone, quietly listening for His gentle heart and will.  He fills me.  He restores me.  He guides me.  He knows what is coming today.  He knows the good deeds that He has prepared for me to do.  He knows the love that I need to show to the others who will cross my path; the sharing of His love.  I must be filled to have something to share with them.

He makes much of the little I have to offer.

God is sovereign.

He alone is worthy of my praise. 

He is my creator, savior, redeemer, and Lord.

My heart desires to please Him.

So I press on to write, walk, study, and teach.  I press on to search His scriptures and seek His wisdom and understanding.  I press on to put something on paper that might exalt my Lord and draw others to Him.

I struggle to walk humbly with God.  Each time that I recognize my pride I confess it immediately to Him.  He is right, it is sin and it does me and others great harm.

Those who live with me can tell you how far short I fall.  They read my unspoken words like a printed book.  I am a sinner saved by grace struggling against my sin nature to follow a perfect Jesus, grateful that I don’t have to be perfect because of Him.  So grateful.

I am also grateful for the great grace and forgiveness that others offer to me.  I need it!

As I sit with Jesus, I am fully aware of who I am.  His precious child.  Loved and forgiven.

I hope that you will want to start your days with Him too.

He loves you.  He has more for you.

Be encouraged.  Press on.


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