Legacy, History, and God’s Holy Word

Last night we were invited to a gathering of believers.  We broke bread together and spent so much time singing praise to God that my face and throat hurt.  We sang songs of old, many of which I had never heard.

Today in my study of Daniel chapter 11 I was given a great history lesson. What was prophecy to Daniel of things to come revealed itself as duality for our time; history past as a type of future events to come.  But what happens when we forget our past?  We lose the warning, knowledge and understanding of what God says will take place in the end times.

Matthew Henry says in his commentary on Daniel chapter 11, that, “for the right understanding of some parts of scripture, it is necessary that heathen authors be consulted, which give light to the scripture, and show the accomplishment of what is there foretold; we have therefore reason to bless God for the human learning with which many have done great service to divine truths.”

I’d take this even further and say even more than that.  Those believers who have gone before us have left us a great history of God.  Those men of great who have searched the scriptures and gone to the great effort of recording for others what they discovered are being forgotten in this generation who is more inclined to watch TV or spend hours each day on social media.  Lord please forgive us for not demanding that the next generation learn and understand what Your Holy Word says, what history has to teach us about You and Your plan for our future, and what those who came before us left so clearly for us to find and to edify.  When we read what they have to say and sing the songs they sang to God, we see how far we have fallen away from true faith as a nation and as a generation.  God has provided all of these things to us so that our faith should be even greater to strengthen the brothers and sisters in this age with our boldness and understanding.

One of the downfalls of the “information age” is that there is too much information to choose from.

We must be even more diligent and intentional with our time and focus than those even in my grandparent’s generation.  It is all too easy to get caught up in anything other than the things of God.  And increasingly it is becoming socially unpopular, even considered evil, to speak God’s truth in our culture.  We need the encouragement and lessons of past generations more than ever.

So gather some brothers and sisters.  Dig into God’s word.  Break out the writings and songs of days gone by that have been left to us as a gift.  Discover what a rich heritage we truly have in our faith.

God has more for you.  Choose wisely have you spend your time.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

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