Learning to Walk

With my first grandbaby, I’ve had the pleasure of having her in my life weekly since she was born.  She is now 22 months old and wearing us all out!  Since she has learned how to walk, she now demands to walk – outside, uninhibited.   The process of her learning is quite comical.  She doesn’t understand much (property boundaries are the least of it), but learns quickly by doing and failing.

You need to look where you are going.  Some shoes are too big for you.  If you fall down, just get back up.  Stairs are tricky.  Up is easier than down.  Best to take them on all fours at first.  Sloped ground tends to speed things up or slow things down depending on your direction.  Sometimes you need to hold your daddy’s hand.  No cars!  (She thinks this is what you say before crossing a road.  She hasn’t grasped that you need to LOOK for any oncoming cars before declaring NO CARS.)  Put that back, don’t touch that, that isn’t ours.  She is learning.  We are teaching; always staying within reach of her.  As she masters the skills necessary to keep herself out of danger, we’ll give her more space.

She is great fun to take on a walk.  She hugs and pats fire hydrants. She oohs and ahs at everything new.  Loves acorns (but only the clean ones) and rocks.  Wants to “sit” whenever she encounters a step or stone wall.  She delights in stomping on leaves that crunch beneath her little feet.  And OHHH the water puddles!  What great delight until she notices she has ickies on her socks from the splashing mud.  She gets so excited when we say that we can go on a walk outside.  She still thinks that you have to put your coat on each time – not realizing that when it is warm, a coat is unnecessary.  Most days she runs around the house either asking “Where shoes go?” or demanding “Shoes on.”  She has always loved to be outdoors.

Ok enough of grandma’s rattling on.  The point is that God’s creation is worth oohing and ahhing over.  The older we get the more we lose the sense of awe at what God has done and is doing in and around us.  And that is just the beginning.  He has a much greater plan at work and He has prepared a role for you to fulfill.  Have you asked Him lately if you are on the right path?  Are you looking both ways for oncoming cars?  Do you still reach for your daddy’s hand when you cross the street (walk through tough times)?  Are you still looking for your walking shoes and wanting to put them on all the time?  Do you desire the things of God and to know even deeper things?  Are you walking into new and unknown territory in complete trust of the One who is guiding you?

Father God, help us to see all that You desire for our lives.  Our time on this earth is so short, but You have prepared good deeds for us to do as we serve You.  Help us to not miss out because we are afraid or comfortable or too busy or too distracted.  Put a deep desire in my heart Lord for the purposes for which You have created me.  Help me have ears to hear and eyes to see.  Help me to prune away all that is unnecessary in life that will hinder my walk with You Lord.  Amen.

Learning to walk with God through this life is quite a journey.  You need the right shoes (God’s Holy Spirit, His Word, a Bible teaching Church), the right attitude (a great sense of adventure and self-sacrifice), and a willing heart.  I dare you to go hug a fire hydrant today! (Find one that a dog hasn’t used please.) Put on your spiritual eyes and see life in a whole new light.  God has more for you!

Ask God to help you see today.  Talk with Him, and open up His Word.  He is the best guide you’ll ever have.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

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