In the Word

I’ve known for most of my life that reading God’s Holy Word is important to my life and my understanding of who God is and what He desires from me.  But it hasn’t been until the last decade that I’ve really incorporated daily Bible reading into my life.  I have attended Sunday School for years, even as an adult, and I’ve taught women’s Bible study classes for years.  So it isn’t as though I’ve missed out on reading and learning.  The problem is when I’m good with that.  That is enough.  I’ve read through the Bible, several times actually.  I know what is in it, why should I continue reading.  I’ve sat in Sunday church services every week for more than 30 years of my life.  That is a lot of teaching, not to mention the radio broadcasts and podcasts I’ve heard.  Seriously when is enough, enough?

Simply put – only when I see Jesus face to face.

Have you ever wondered if we’ll have God’s word in heaven?  The answer is YES….we’ll have God and all His words in heaven!  What a joy!

For now, in this lifetime, I simply can’t spend enough time searching the scriptures.  You see, the more you ask God to show you and speak to you, the more His Holy Spirit opens up the word to you.  It is a beautifully interwoven masterpiece.  It is one of the primary ways in which God will speak to your heart.  One of the primary ways for you to know God, who He is, what His character is, what His ways are.

This year, rather than simply reading through the Bible in a year, again, I asked God to lead me and to help answer some questions I have about parts of scripture that I seem to know very little about; primarily prophecy.  So I’ve really started studying Revelation which has led me to Daniel and many other Old Testament books.  I picked up a study book on Daniel by Kay Arthur.  She strongly encourages people to read God’s word and study what is there before reaching for study notes and commentaries.  She teaches how to study the Bible inductively.  You pay careful attention to the “Why, What, Where, When, Why & How”s of the word.  You take away how each passage has life lessons for you in it.  What appears on the surface to be nearly impossible to interpret, you find actually interprets itself.  Certainly there are mysteries that are still hidden from us, but in God’s word He has revealed great mysteries to us so that we are able to be ready and watchful for the things to come that have been revealed to us.

Kay insists that we mark up our Bibles with colors and symbols in order to help us really retain the content.  So I have a new Bible and new marking pens to help me in this process.  I have to say after about a month of doing this, it does really make a difference in my ability to recall what is there.  This week I’m in chapter 10 of Daniel.  In this chapter an angel comes to Daniel to strengthen and encourage him has he has lost all strength and breath due to the visions of future events that have been given to him.  Scripture refers to Daniel as highly esteemed by God.  He was entrusted with great visions and the ability to interpret them.  Even so Daniel sought out the exact meaning of the visions and asked to have full understanding.  We can do the same thing!  God’s Holy Spirit is within each believer to help us understand God’s Holy Word.

Where are you?  Have you ever read the entire Bible?  Have you given up reading because it is hard or boring?  Have you decided you’ve learned enough?  Or are you striving to learn more?  Are you striving like Daniel to know and understand the exact meaning of the visions?

Don’t settle.  God has more to show you.  He will send his angels to strengthen and encourage you.  So gather your pens and your Bible.  Get a notebook ready.  Ask God’s Holy Spirit to help you and dive in!

Be encouraged.  Be ready and be watching.  Press on.


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