Dig, See, Take out the Trash: He has more for you.

It is trash day today.  The low rumbling of a dump truck catches my attention as I’m cleaning my glasses.  It’s amazing how smudged they get when they mostly just sit on my face.  It is also amazing to me that I don’t really notice how clouded they’ve become until the sun shines in my face.  The sun is shining brightly this morning.  Thank You Jesus!  There are some high thin clouds filtering it, and the ripples in my pond are just sparkling and dancing as they reflect the sun’s rays.  And God is here, in the quiet warmth of my house.  A random kind of morning.  This is what God has to work with!  Getting me to focus my thoughts and my time on Him and His purpose for me today.  What a task He has!

I’ve been studying the book of Revelation.  I’m mean really studying it.  Getting to know every part of that book and really trying to see what God has for me in it.  He always has more.  Isn’t that just like Him; to have more for us if we are willing to seek and to ask.  Revelations is hard, mysterious, deep, perfect, complete, wonderful, scary, and more that I haven’t yet uncovered.  It is ironic that a book that is so hard to understand is called Revelation.  It is like looking through clouded glasses or a filthy window.  You can kind of see what is there, but the details are obscure.

People have put so much conjecture and guessing into what God has written that sorting through all those “opinions” can be difficult.  How do I know which theory is accurate?  How can I believe anything any man has written?  How can I sort out the junk from the treasures?  Be careful about what you read and listen to on the internet – just saying.  Test everything against the truth of God’s word.  Spend some time taking out the trash.  (He’s good isn’t He?)

So I started with just getting my head around what is there and what the various theories are.  I sought Godly counsel that I trust (Thank you Renee!).  I added a lot of prayer for God to help me see His truth.  Then I’ve gone straight to His word.  Big picture first.  Sections next.  Small confusing details after that.  Piece by piece.  Chapter by chapter.  Day after day.

I have to turn things around over and over and look at them from all sides to really understand.  I also pencil them out – with paper and pencil and the help of my kindle fire, I lay out what I see to make sure that I’m not missing anything that God wants to reveal to me.  I’m not sure that full, complete, absolute understanding of Revelation (or any book of the Bible for that matter) is achievable.  The Bible is God’s living word.  Sharper than any double edged sword.  He always has more for me.  But what I do know for certain, is that He’s written it for us to seek Him and He will show us unsearchable things, things we cannot know alone.  He wants us to puzzle it out because in so doing, we discover more of who He is.

So when the sun shines into your life and you suddenly notice that your windows and glasses are filthy, grab a rag and a prayer and take the trash out so you can see God clearly!

What don’t you understand in the Bible?  Ask God to help you see.  Ask Him to show you something new, something more that you didn’t see or understand before.  Spend time in His Word.  A lot of time not just a 5 minute devotional.  You will be amazed.  Goosebumps on your arms kind of amazed.

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good.  Dig deeply and see clearly.

Be encouraged.  Press on.  He will meet you there.



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