Health & Wellness: Lordship and Sin

After two hours of meeting with some of my church family members about health and wellness, God has shown me, or more accurately, pulled together for me how important this issues is for His church.  This morning when I awoke, I started my day in prayer and He was laying so much on my mind that I had to get out of bed and put it on paper.

Last night in our Daniel Plan class we talked about the importance of our faith in our journey to good health.  This is such an understatement.  The night before we discussed how this is really, at its core, a LORDSHIP issue.  Is Jesus your Lord and savior?  Is He Lord over all of your life – every aspect?  Have you submitted yourself to His will (not your own)?  Have you sought out God’s will regarding your stewardship of your physical body, mental health, and spiritual health?  Have you applied His word to your daily choices?  Are you willing to suffer for the cause of Christ?  Are you taking care of yourself so that you are offering to God the best sacrifice you can offer for His service to His kingdom?

A Lordship issue….a sin issue.  Our sin nature, our old ways, lead to death not abundant life.

We know that for those of us in Christ, there is no condemnation.  We aren’t being legalistic. But we will be held accountable for what we have done with what God has given us, including our physical bodies.

Each of us must determine with God’s help what is best in God’s sight regarding the care of the body He has knitted together for us to the good works He’s prepared for us.  We need God’s wisdom, truth, strength, power, spirit, and love to live holy and righteous lives.  On our own our efforts are nothing but filthy rags, addictions, fear, complacency, failure, and death.  The good news is that God desires better for us.  He wants us to live an abundant life.  But with every step of obedience generally comes a sacrifice.  That is why our lives are to be a living sacrifice to God – our spiritual act of worship.  The sacrifice is worth the eternal blessings we receive in return.

So this morning when I awoke, I grabbed a note book and jotted down what God was showing me.

On one side of the paper is our old self, our sin nature.  Under this I listed our LACKING in this state.  We lack God’s knowledge, wisdom, self-control, discernment, power to rebuke satan, diligence, perseverance, care, faith, trust, truth, and belief.  I’m sure you can add other things as the list is really endless of our lack without God.

On the opposite side of the paper is God and His will for our life.  It is all found in His word.  We must replace our old ways with His truth – His Word.  This list reads:  freedom, abundant life, self-control, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, seeking Him in prayer, power, strength, perseverance, joy, peace, health, blessing, protection, earthly and heavenly rewards and eternal life.  Again, there are many other things you can add to this list.

So today my encouragement to you is that you read God’s word, ask Him to be Lord over every aspect of your life, seek His will for your physical health, and follow after Him.  You won’t be disappointed!  Each of us has been given a unique body, and each of us will have a unique walk to physical health.  None of our bodies are perfect nor are they eternal, yet they are important to God’s plan in your life and He wants us to be good stewards of what He has given us. Ask God to reveal to you how your relationship to food, exercise, your own body may be sinful – separating you from God’s best in your life.  He will show you.

Grab a friend.  Look for a faith-based study on health and wellness.  Apply God’s truth to this part of your life.  Use each day, given to you by God’s grace, to bring glory to His great name.

Be encouraged.  Press on.



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