Today is Her Birthday

Today my little bit celebrates her birthday.  She pointed out to me yesterday that this may well be the last birthday she celebrates at home.  I am entering a new season of life next year (and so is she).  A season where my children will be away from me.  My season of daily motherhood is about to come to a close.  Many of my friends and family know how I’ve been struggling with just the thought of this new season.  I love having my beauties around me.  But I also love that they are growing into lovely women of God.  I love that they have God given gifts to share with the world and are heading out into the world to help build God’s kingdom.  It has been a blessing and an honor to walk beside them as they’ve grown.  What sweet gifts of joy God has given me!

As I’ve been working on coming to grips with these changes, I’ve asked God to make His will for this next season in my life plain and clear to me.  I’m always wanting to have a plan, to know in advance, to run ahead and guess.  I even finish my husband’s sentences (and am wrong more than I am right) which drives him crazy.  I have difficulty just resting and waiting…just being.  My quiet time with God is about the best I do and I’m sure He would even tell you how scatter brained I am and how I love to offer Him suggestions on how I think things should go.

So today, I’ll just be content to celebrate her life; to celebrate all that God has done for her and given to me.  I’ll rest in gratitude and thankfulness, doing my best not to worry about tomorrow knowing that God will be there just as He is here today.  What freedom and peace there is in His rest.

Happy birthday little bit.  I’ll be fully present today just focusing on God’s goodness to you and to me.  You are a precious gift from God and you have truly enriched my life and taught me how to be compassionate toward others.  You have a great heart for the Lord and He has gifted you with such talent.  Keep encouraging people.  Keep creating to honor God.  Keep being you, because that is pretty great!

So for the rest of you, enjoy today.  Tell the people in your day today how much they mean to you.  Share the love of Christ with them.  Rest in God’s peace.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

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