Having Eyes to See

I’ve been taken captive inside again by doctor’s orders because my asthma was beginning to worsen (she thinks because of my slight allergy to corn and the harvest going on all around where I live).  So my walking has been designated to my basement treadmill.  I love fall and all the color changes.  I love to photograph God’s great performance art as He has designed life to ebb and flow.  Newness and new life in the spring and beauty in death in the fall of all of the flowers, plants and grasses.  The trees shed their leaves in a beautiful display, and I’ve had to watch it all from behind the glass of the windows in my house.

Just as I had to try to love the gnats this spring, now I must try to love being inside.  In many ways it is easier as I don’t have to worry about the sun, the wind, bugs, vehicles on the road, etc.  But I feel like I am missing out on a lot.  I’ve always loved watching sunsets and have called them God’s performance art for many years.  But I’ve come to see the seasons in that same light.  Beginning, middle, end, renewal, and back to beginning.  Morning, day, evening, sleep and back to morning.  God has created this pattern in many aspects of life; a day, a week, a year, a lifetime and even His great plan.

A friend has loaned me a book about the Shemitah – God’s pattern of six with a seventh of rest.  Six days of work followed by a Sabbath.  Six years of working the soil and giving the land the seventh year off.  The nation of Israel was supposed to release all slaves at the end of the sixth year.  All property was to be restored to its original owner at the end of the sixth year.  The slate was to be wiped clean so to speak.  And then after 7 sets of these 7 year cycles (49 years) came the 50th year – the year of Jubilee.  Performance art.  Balance in all things.  Beginning, middle, end, renewal and back to the beginning.

One of the benefits of being inside on my treadmill is that I am able to read and walk (which I can’t do outside).  God has given me the great blessing of literally walking with Him.  Over the past year I have memorized scripture while walking.  Worked on learning Spanish via podcasts while walking.  I’ve listened to many dozens of sermons, spent many hours in prayer for others, sought God’s wisdom, strength and guidance all while walking in obedience.  I recently read that a labyrinth is useful to focus people’s thoughts as they walk with God.  While I’ve never walked one myself, I have definitely come to understand how deeply God works in your heart and in your mind when your body is moving.  Now God has managed to give me such time to study His Word and to learn about His greater plan.

Father God, I thank You for revealing more of Yourself to me.  Thank You Lord for working all things, including my asthma, into Your plan for my life.  Thank You father for helping me to have eyes to see Your blessings in my difficult circumstances.  Amen.

I don’t know what your circumstances are right now, but I hope that you too will seek God.  Ask Him to show you His blessings and ask Him to reveal more about Himself to you.  Study His holy word.  You will not be disappointed.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

Matthew 28.1


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