Navigating the Prophecies

God is impressing me with more navigation this morning.  I’ve spent time reading His word and time learning about His prophecies.  Then time seeking a travel agent for the pilgrimage and time on the internet reading about the pilgrimage and looking at maps of the pilgrimage.  One of my “worries” is getting lost along the way and having to do “extra” walking because of a navigational mistake.  I’m also a bit concerned about what to do when we disagree about which direction to take.

Many have reassured me through their writings that the path is easy to follow even without maps.  I can see how this would be so in the crowds of summer, but we’ll be hopefully avoiding those crowds.  The simple maps in the guidebooks leave many things out.  Feels kind of like the prophecies at the moment for me.  Some markers are there, but I’d really like to see all of them please! 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk the 500 miles with a guide who was so familiar with the path that they instinctively knew each turn and guided you with precision even in the darkness? 

Oh thank You God for showing me that You are that guide!

I know the limits of my human knowledge.  I know that I can rest in You will all of the unknowns.  I know that You will guide me according to Your purposes for my life.  Show me the way Lord, show me the way.

Keep your eyes on the Father not on the path.

Be encouraged.  Press on.


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