Building Community – Step 3

So when we set our minds in line with God and His Word, and we educate ourselves on the right food choices and quantities necessary to use food as the fuel our bodies need, we are ready for the next level of support – The Body of Christ.

I don’t know about you, but when left to myself, I slide back to my old ways.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a sister in Christ who is partnering with me to encourage me (and I her) toward the best that God has for us.  To encourage one another on to good deeds, good choices and good health.  This level of accountability has motivated me to press on!  This battle with sugar isn’t an easy one to tackle.  I’ve had to welcome accountability into my life and lay down my pride and fears.  I have to remain teachable and willing to change.  I have to be willing to hear the cold hard truth in order to make lasting, God honoring, changes in my life.

My accountability partner has challenged me to start writing down everything – I mean everything – every bite, every stolen chip, every chocolate chip that passes these lips.  This has not only made me more aware of my snacking but also of my food choices.  I can easily see where I need improvement.  Each week we swap food logs and get the opportunity to review what each of us has eaten or not eaten over the past week.  I text her when I have small victories.  I include my exercise on my list so she can see how much or how little I’ve been moving.  Yes yard work and housework count!  Any additional movement I can add to my day is beneficial to my weight loss goal.

Last week she challenged me to a battle.  We are racing each other to see who can lose 15 pounds the fastest.  December 31st is our deadline.  That is over 1 pound per week which is requiring me to cut back on my calories and crank up on my movement even more than what I have done so far this year.  We are on week two and I’m not meeting the goal yet, but I am striving to win this thing.  We set some rewards as well as consequences for us if we fail to achieve 15 pounds down by 12/31/14.

I also had another sister in Christ approach me with a class that she is participating in regarding living a healthy lifestyle that glorifies God.  It is a fairly well-known program, a six-week course, that she is willing to lead at our church.  And then a third sister in Christ who has had God lay on her heart a passion for sharing the spiritual side of good health habits stepped forward and asked how she can partner with our Women’s Ministry.  She sees many women who are in bondage to food issues and knows that they too can be free in Christ Jesus.

Surrounding ourselves with others in the Body who know how to be good bodily stewards and are walking that path will encourage and equip us to do the same.  God provides for all of our needs.  He called us to be an active part of His body so that we will grow up together in Him.  We learn from each other and encourage one another.  Iron sharpens iron. 

For me, I am in the process of undoing the damage I caused over several decades of life.  These pounds didn’t come on as quickly as I am trying to get them to come off so I’m having to work extra hard to right my wrongs.  I pray that others may learn from the error of my ways and cling even more tightly to God’s ways which bring life and health.  I also hope that over this next year we will not settle for overlooking these socially acceptable sins in our lives.  Let us lovingly hold each other up to God’s standards, and help each other to try to reach them to the best of our abilities with God as our strength and help.

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

Father God, thank You for Your great grace.  Strengthen my body and my soul as I am struggling daily to bring myself into a right relationship with You and with food.  Thank You God for Your blessing of the church and for my sisters in Christ Jesus who are encouraging me and walking with me through this battlefield.  Thank You for good and plentiful food.  Help me to be wise in my choices and to be self-controlled.  Let my life be glorifying to You Lord.  Amen.

Encourage one another.  Be an active participant in the body of Christ – your local church.  Seek God and His ways in all areas of your life.  Give yourself grace.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

1 Thessalonians 5.11


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