Reading the Owner’s Manual – Choosing the Right Fuel – Step 2

John 6.47My sweet boy bought a new chain saw last weekend.  He was showing me how to take care of it and operate it.  He told me that if we use the fuel provided by the maker that the warranty on the chain saw doubles in length.  The fuel designed for the machine is better for its long term survival and use.

Switching gears here (no pun intended).

Yesterday a sister in Christ, and my daughter, both pointed me to a trailer of a documentary called “Fed Up”.  The documentary is about the poor condition of our food supply in America.  It discusses the detrimental health consequences of eating an American diet.  Too much sugar, salt, additives that are literally poisoning our bodies.  Many items available on grocery store shelves and fast food menus are literally not fit to eat; dare I say maybe even the majority of the items.

Switching gears again.

22 years ago I vividly remember telling my husband that I was addicted to ice cream.  He thought I was just being silly and dramatic, but I wasn’t.  I clearly realized the symptoms of addition in my relationship to ice cream.  I couldn’t go a day without it.  That was 35 pounds ago.  Nothing has really changed other than God has given me more self-control and I’ve swapped ice cream for other sugar sources.  My addition wasn’t to ice cream as much as it was to sugar.  Just less than 1 year before that declaration, I had been diagnosed as being gestational diabetic.  My pregnant body couldn’t process the sugar and carbohydrates I was eating.  I’ve walked the pre-diabetes line for 23 years now.  And with God’s help I’m trying desperately to turn the clock back and turn this ship around.

Switching gears one last time.

So step 2 of taking care of ourselves physically is knowing what food the maker designed to properly maintain and heal these physical bodies so that we extend our lives and are most useful for God’s kingdom.  I’m learning that food selection is key.  The closer the food is to its original state the better – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed meats, good oils, and limited dairy.  One author suggests that making our purchases from the outer perimeter of the grocery store is a good method of avoiding a lot of the processed foods.  Another author suggests reading labels.  If the ingredient list has more than 5 items or lists ingredients that you can’t identify or pronounce, you should put it back on the shelf and walk away.  Knowing how your food was grown/raised is also important as we are now dealing with genetically modified foods and meats that have steroids in them.

The “Fed Up” video declares that sugar, salt, dyes, preservatives, hormones are killing us.  80% of our foods have added sugar.  Corn syrup seems to be in almost every processed food.  All to make more money – more money made in the food industry, more money made in the weight loss industry, more money made in the healthcare industry, more loss to the population of America.

Father God, You’ve given us minds that are strong, wisdom comes from You Lord.  Help us to be wise about the foods that we choose.  Help me Lord to break this addition to sugar that has kept me in its grip for way too long.  Remind me Lord each time that I have a choice to make that You love me too much to let me continue on this self-destructive path.  Thank You God for creating good food!  Thank You God for giving us bodies that can correct the damage that we’ve caused.  Surround me with people who do not enable my bad choices, but who lovingly hold me accountable.  Let me encourage those who are struggling down this same path to wellness and righteousness.  Let us stir one another on to love and good deeds.  Amen.

Just like our new chainsaw, the fuel I use for my body is important.  I need to use the food designed by my maker if I want this body to last longer and to be of use to God.  It is funny how the things in life that are good for us seem to take longer and are more difficult to find than the things that are bad.  Don’t let this deception keep you from walking with God to good health.  Eliminate all negativity and excuses.  God loves you.  Simple foods, unprocessed foods are best.

Encourage someone else today.  Take care of yourself.  Press on.



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