Camarero Camaron – Staying Focused

My sweet sister Lucy taught me a new children’s game.  One person says camarero followed by the other person saying camaron.  They repeat back and forth as quickly as they can, trying to say their word correctly and trying NOT to say the other word.  Most ususally get tongue tied and the game ends in giggles!  I played this several times with Lucy and with Marianita.

The words sound similar and if you lose your focus on the word you are to say, you’ll mess up and lose the game.

Satan uses a similar tactic.  He often presents life in a manner that is very similar to following Jesus, but just slightly off.  If we lose our focus on the right path of Jesus, we can easily accept the impostor as the leader and end up on a path of destruction or at least a path of ineffectiveness for God’s kingdom.

Keeping our focus on God’s truth, His Word, and His son Jesus helps us to stay on the path of sanctification.  As we abide in Him, He abides in us.

Choose this day whom you will serve.  Stay focused.  Be encouraged.  Press on!

Matthew 28.19


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