These Things

During worship this morning we sang “I Lift Up My Hands”.  It isn’t a new song for our congregation, but for some reason the two words “These Things” jumped out at me.

These things I remember…..You are faithful, God, forever.

It caused me to consider the things I remember that have happened in my life that have shown me the faithfulness of God.  What things could I list as my testimony to His faithfulness in my life?

My life has certainly been filled with abundant blessings and His protection.  He has walked me through many trials, renewing my mind and growing my faith along the way.  He has loved me when I was unlovely; which seems to be more often than not.  He has proven to me how trustworthy He is in all situations.  I can take every care and hurt directly to Him and He floods me with His peace and His compassionate care.

Amazing Grace and Great Is Thy Faithfulness have been banner songs over my life.

His Word is truth.  His mercies are new every morning.  His grace sustains me.

These things I remember.

Jesus Christ died to pay the cost for my sins so that I might enter into eternity with God.  He conquered the grave and rose to new life and is preparing a place for me in heaven.  He came to serve and to die.  He lived a perfect life and willingly laid down His life as the perfect and final sacrifice for all men.

Great is His faithfulness!  These things I remember.

Praise His glorious name!

I hope you’ll take some time today to remember the things in your life that have proven His great faithfulness.

Be encouraged.  Press on.  You are dearly loved.

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