Who and What

Who is Jesus Christ?

What does He want from me?

I was traveling in my van this morning and listening to a message given by an older preacher of whom I had never heard.  He said that Christianity can be boiled down to two questions – two words:  Who and What.  When we have found the answer these two questions, we’ll have no excuses.  The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  The Holy Scriptures teach us of who God is and what He expects of us.

I must say that these questions are very easy to ask and much harder to live out the answers.  Just a few days ago, a couple of my Christian sisters who will be traveling with me on a short term mission trip, were discussing a passage of scripture in 1 Peter.

Called to Be Holy

Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:13 ESV)

We must prepare our minds….

…for action…

Once Jesus Christ has been revealed to us, we are to act.  He calls us to be holy and commands us to go into the world with the good news of salvation that He alone can give.  We are to set our hope on the grace that He brings.

What are we going to El Salvador to do?  Why are we going?  What is it that we feel God has prepared in advance for us to accomplish there in 6 short days?  Wrapping our minds around these issues before we act, prepares us to rely solely on God and His great grace.  In my own flesh, I have nothing of eternal value to offer my brothers and sisters of the faith.  It is only by God’s anointing and His great grace and mercy at work in my heart and in my mind that I will be of use to Him.

Who – Jesus Christ is the son of God and my savior and Lord.  I submit to His authority over my life.

What – Jesus commands us to abide in Him and in God’s Holy Word; to take up our cross daily and to follow Him alone; to worship the one true God; to share the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with all who have ears to hear; to obey God’s commands and to submit to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.(John 10:27 ESV)

Obeying the commands of God in my mundane everyday life often proves more difficult than when I’m working in ministry.  How am I holy at home?  How am I holy at work?  How am I holy at the store?  What about when I’m tired and frustrated?  How much holiness do I display then? 

I don’t want to be a whitewashed wall.  I desire the deep changes of character and lasting integrity.

Father God, may I cooperate with Your Holy Spirit as You work in my heart and in my life.  Help me Lord to stay humble.  Help me to interact with others with as much grace and forgiveness that You have given me.  Forgive my critical spirit and my negative attitude Lord.  Thank You for the reminders given to me by other brothers and sisters in Christ that You desire us to prepare and to be holy.  Equip us Lord.  Amen.

Listen to the voice of your Savior.  Follow Him.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

1 Peter 1.15


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