The Word of the Lord – Busy and Full Days

I’ve committed to read through the entire Bible again this year.  It is my third or fourth year to do so.  I have a reading plan and am endeavoring in this with a group of brothers and sisters in the faith.  It requires about 30 minutes each day to keep up and stay on track.  It isn’t always easy as my days get filled up with my tasks and the many tasks others have for me.

Jesus is always a priority in my days.  Prayer is how I start and walk through and end each day.  But 30 minutes to sit and read can be difficult to find sometimes.  Leaving myself reminders to get the reading done is helpful.  Getting to it before anything else in the day happens, also helps.  What I do when I inevitably fall behind is time and a half – the current day’s readings and half of the next day – until I am caught up.    This has developed a discipline in my life for being in God’s word and making it a priority for me.

Now when my schedule changes unexpectedly, God’s word is still at the top of my to-do list.   I fall behind less now than ever in the past.  I remember the first year I attempted to read through the entire Bible I got hung up in the first few books of the Old Testament.  Now I know that they are rich and that I must press on through them gaining whatever knowledge God sees fit for this time around.  One reading of God’s word isn’t nearly enough.  I learn more each year.

I am grateful that I’ve committed to this plan in 2014.  “Taking a break” from God’s word just doesn’t lead to growth in my life.  In Sunday School classes and Women’s Studies, I have the opportunity to dig deeper and to examine more closely small passages of His Holy Word, but the “read it in a year” process, requires you to press on to expose yourself to larger sections of scripture.  You get a broader picture – a different vantage point.

So regardless of what tomorrow brings, I know that at some point in my day, I’ll sit with God’s Holy Word and see what He has there for me – for us.

Lord, my to do list is long for tomorrow.  My day will start early with You.  I lay it all down at Your feet Lord for Your will to be done.  Help me to be a blessing to all those whom I meet.  Help my body to be of use to Your kingdom.  Help my spirit to speak Your truth.  Help my hands and arms to express your loving kindness.  Thank You Lord for Your Holy Word.  Let it dwell in me richly.  Amen.

Love the Word of the Lord.  Read it.  Study it.

Be encouraged.  Press on.


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