Our Limited Understanding of God’s Perfect Truth

I am still wrestling to understand 16 verses of scripture.  They are an odd set, yet God has included them for a reason.  I’ve read pages and pages of other people’s opinions and interpretations of what these 16 verses “really” mean and how we should apply them or discard them as the case may be.  Yet I am still uncertain of what part of this passage should apply to my life and what part of this passage was simply part of their culture.

This struggle to understand is humbling.

I’ve also been wrestling physically with my lungs.  They are irritated by something but I haven’t been able to determine the cause.  I’ve been to the doctors, taken the medications, stopped all extra activities, used humidifiers and air purifiers and yet my lungs are still unhappy.  Yesterday my doctor suggested that I also add an antihistamine to my list of medicines, which I have done.  She said that there isn’t really any more that she can try.  She has requested the medical file from my allergist so she can review his testing results.

This struggle to understand is humbling.

God has revealed to me that my best intellect is just limited knowledge and it can’t even keep me breathing well.  I am His creation surviving in His world.  He has the answers.  I am patiently waiting for His revelation and for His direction.  He will show me how to apply this passage of scripture, and He can restore my lungs, if that is His will.  He can even reveal the reason why my lungs are irritated, if He so chooses.

So today, rather than wrestling more with God, I’ll choose to rest with Him.  Sitting peacefully in the tension of not fully understanding, but trusting Him who knows completely.  Faithfully resting with God.  With the faith and trust of a little child, I’ll wait and rest.

Some things we will just never completely understand this side of eternity.  There are mysteries of God that we must accept with pure faith and trust, knowing who He is.  God is love and God is good.  He alone is trustworthy and worthy of our praise.

Lord, help me to see Your truth and to rest in Your love for me.  I thank You Lord for Your grace and mercy.  I thank You Lord for giving me eyes to see and I thank You Lord for hiding those things that are not to be revealed to us.  Change my heart Lord, where it desires things that are not from You.  Reveal my sins to me Lord so that I may repent of them.  Show me the way that I should go and make straight my paths.  Use me for Your kingdom.  Amen.

What answers have you been searching for?  What truths have you been wrestling with?  Are you able to trust God to reveal them to you at the proper time?  Are you able to trust God even if you never receive the answer?

He alone is worthy of our praise.  God is good, all the time.  He knows our needs and He knows our hearts.

He can handle our questions.  He can handle our emotions.  He wants us to draw near to Him.  Seek Him.

Be encouraged.  Press on.



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