Life After Life

I spent most of yesterday with God.  Studying His word, praying for others, resting in His peace.  It was an unusual day.  A challenging day.

God’s ways are not our ways.

God is good all the time.

It is only because of Jesus that I get to go directly to God with my prayers.

We are commanded to be obedient. When we love Jesus, our hearts’ desire is to be obedient to God’s Word in all areas of our lives.  His Holy Spirit helps us understand scriptures and reminds us of them when we need reminded.  The Holy Spirit prays on our behalf, even in those times when we don’t know what to pray.

I read commentary after commentary, blog post after blog post, academic article after academic article about a passage of scripture that the church has abandoned as not applicable to our lives today.  Then I re-read God’s Holy Word.  I re-read that passage that is so challenging.  It is tied to other passages that are equally challenging, and also have been discarded.  I want to know and follow God’s truth.

I tremble at the thought that we are not living according to His Word in these areas and that He will hold us accountable – all of us.  We won’t be able to just say, “The church taught that these didn’t matter.”  We have the ability to search the scriptures for ourselves and we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us understand them.  When anyone tosses out any portion of God’s Holy Word red flags should start flying high.  CAUTION! CAUTION!

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

God is good all the time.

God’s ways are not our ways.

The prayers I lifted up to God were answered (many of them) in magnificent, miraculous, blessings!  Successful surgeries, peace, rest, life.  So many people facing such difficult trials.  Three major open heart surgeries with multiple by-passes in the last two weeks.  Two little girls facing difficult medical situations.  A Pastor facing brain surgery. Family with health issues.  Unborn babies coming along just fine.  Spiritual truth being revealed.  Ministry work pressing on through challenges.  Revival coming and starting with me.  Blessings poured down.

When God calls us to do something that is challenging and fearful, He often tells us to take courage.  He doesn’t tell us to have courage but to take it.  Take courage from Him because He is the one in control of the outcome.  Not us.  When we walk humbly with Him and obey Him, we can rest in Him.  We can rest in His will.  Life or death is really life or life for those who believe!

Father God, thank You for life after life!  I trust that You are in control and I desire to obey You in all areas of my life.  Please help me to understand Your word and to live it.  Help me to take courage knowing that You are in control.  Use me to build Your kingdom Lord. Help me to make clear to others how simple it is to confess our sins and to accept the salvation that Jesus offers us.  He conquered death and paid for our sins when He bled and died on the cross and rose from the grave three days later.  Teach us how to love others well.  Thank You God that You hear our prayers and answer them with such love and comfort.  Pour out Your comfort and peace on all those who cry out to You in their time of need.  Amen.

Spend time with God today.  Pray for those who need God’s help and comfort.  Tell them about Jesus.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

Psalm 121.1


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