I received a letter today from a small, lovely, little girl in India.  Her letter was written by a relative in her language, translated by another woman to English and mailed to me.  She had drawn a small flower and attached a couple of the stickers that I had mailed to her to the top of the letter.  She also included a picture of herself wearing the gifts that I had sent.  It brightened my day.  The smile on her face is just precious.  I praise God for allowing our paths to cross.  What I thought would be an avenue for me to bless a child has turned into an avenue for a child to bless me.


I’ll confess that I don’t pray often enough for my sponsored children.  I’m afraid to love them deeply.  One little one wants me to come see him; he wants to know when I can come.  That is dangerous territory for me.  I’d want to bring him home.  Kidnapping would probably be frowned upon.  So I am praying about that visit.  Asking God to pave that pathway if it is His will for me to go.  I love them and can’t bear the thought that they may be suffering, neglected and mistreated.  I lift them to God for His provision and protection because He loves them more than I can.  He has a purpose for them, where they are, in their culture, in their families.  I write to them and encourage them.  I do my best to point them to Jesus.  I pray that they will become, and do, all that God has created them to be and do.

I know that my life has been affected deeply by the prayers of others on my behalf.  I often wonder what my life would look like without them.  The mystery of the power of prayer astounds me.  There have been times in my life where I didn’t actually know who was praying, but I could feel the power of their prayers working in my life.

And the Lord relented from the disaster that he had spoken of bringing on his people.  Exodus 32:14

The verses prior to this relenting of God, describe Moses’ prayer for the people and his plea that God would not destroy them.  The people were a real pain in the neck to Moses, but he loved them enough to plead for their lives.

Scripture tells us that God hears the prayers of the righteous.  They are powerful and effective.  God loves us enough to listen, help, protect, provide, shelter, alter and relent even when we are messing it all up.  He is faithful to keep his promises and I cling to them.

Father God, I have such a long list of prayer request for family, friends, children, and even those whom I do not know personally but have agreed to lift up in my prayers to You.  You know every circumstance and every outcome.  My prayers are for Your blessing and Your will in each of their lives.  A little girl in India with beautiful hair, a little boy in Bolivia who’s father is mean, a teenage girl in the Philippines with the serious face and strong heart.  You know each of them Lord.  Pour out Your love to them.  Make Your presence known to them.  Draw them to Yourself.  If I don’t meet them in this life Lord, may I please meet them with You in heaven?  May my prayers be effective for them.  Amen.

Be a prayer warrior for the people in your life.  You never know how your prayers will affect their lives.  You may be the difference between life and death for them, physically and spiritually.  Lift them up to the One who is sovereign over all things, all peoples, all nations.

Let us be a people of prayer.

Pray without ceasing, with faith, in God’s will.

Be encouraged.  Press on.

Matthew 21.22


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