I love watching birds.  Outside my window this morning are six mourning doves sitting peacefully high up in my maple tree with their feathers all puffed up to protect against the winter morning cold.  They seem content just to be.  The other birds, wrens, cardinals, and blue jays, can barely hold still.  They are down below at the feeder and on the ground jockeying for a place to eat, chattering and flying all around.  What a contrast of natures.

It reminds me of different seasons of my life.  Periods of business and periods of peaceful rest.  I praise God that He has given me both.  I battle against taking on too much, staying too busy and missing out on that peace.  This week I will have 6 different meetings, none of them on any regular schedule.  So being flexible with my time is very important.  I have a lot that I’ve committed to and a lot that I would like to get accomplished.  In the midst of all this “life” I have carved out peace.  My quiet time with God is what allows me to sit like a mourning dove when the others are bustling.  God’s pouring out of Himself each day with me so that regardless of my circumstances, I am grounded – my feathers have been puffed up to protect me from the morning cold.

God’s word is life giving.  It is solid, eternal truth in a world of nonsense.  Not just for all eternity, but for me today.  His Holy Spirit is my strength and my power.  Following after the example, teaching and commands of Jesus Christ keeps my feet on the path to lifeWith God in my life, I can have peaceful rest when life is busy.  This is the abundant life. 

Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Proverbs 30:5

Thank You Lord Jesus that even the birds can show us Your ways.  I will love You to the end.  Help me to accomplish all that You have set before me in a manner that brings glory to Your name.  Let my spirit reflect Your peace even in the midst of strife.  May Your peace rule in my heart.  I am here Lord, send me.  Amen.

Let God puff up your feathers today.  May His words bring you peace.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

Psalms 119.105


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