The Lie – The Grass is Greener

Our family is living on one income.  I am so thankful for my husband’s hard work and for God providing a good job for him.  In my mid-40s, God has called me out of the world of gainful employment to focus on women’s ministry, writing and walking (a pilgrimage) – I don’t know, I’m still confused.  Ask Him.

In my flesh, I struggle with what the Lord has called me to do.  I try to make human sense of His purposes and that just isn’t always possible.  I was thinking (dangerous territory) that since I have left gainful employment (kicking and screaming the whole way) to follow after my calling, maybe I could profit somehow (as others do) from this blog site.  I’ve tossed this idea around and around.  I generally end up on the side of, “God will use this as He sees fit.  If He wants to bless me through it, He will do so in His way and in His time.”

But then I happened to stumble upon a blogger yesterday who tells others how profit from their blogs for the minimal fee of $5.  (ahhh, the bait of satan – temptation)  What drew me to this blog site was an article on living well while spending less.  Exactly what I need to do – spend less as I’m earning less (a lot less – more like $0).  Seriously, I actually deposited a check for $.11 that was mailed to me in an envelope with postage of $.40.  So I did some reading and some praying and God gave me this answer.

1)      I am your provider – Trust in me alone

2)      Do not desire what I have told you, you cannot have (her name was Eve – or was that Sheri?) – it isn’t best for you – stay where I have called you.

3)      Write what I tell you to write and not what others want to hear – when you have advertisers and you write for a profit, you need to keep in mind what your audience wants to hear.  What I will have you write isn’t necessarily what they will want to hear.

I’m writing because God has pressed me and called me to do so.  What I write is what He guides me to talk about.  There have been numerous writings that I did not want to post publically, but I was obedient and posted them anyway.

Surrendering your will to God’s is an inconvenience when you have a world view of life.  But when you have a Biblical view of life, it is exactly where you need to live – completely surrendered to our Master and Savior.  It requires sacrifice.  It offers life.  It is where I want to be, but I’m still vulnerable to temptation.  This is where I mention that just after hearing God’s “No.” answer and resting in His will, a sweet sister in Christ sent me the following text: Girls day on Sat.  Lunch, a little shopping, massage? End with dinner.  Hope you can make it.

No.  Ooooh, my flesh still says yes, mostly because I enjoy the time with my friends.  Lord help me to want what You want!

This is a difficult road that requires obedience, sacrifice, good choices and lots of love.  I hope that you are also walking where God has called you.  Stay the course.  Keep a Biblical view of life.  God will bless your obedience in ways that you can’t even imagine (I don’t think they will involve massages).  What the world has to offer us is a ruse.  I’m laying down my life today and picking up my cross.

Be encouraged in the Lord Jesus.  Press on.  Love you sis!

Mark 1.17


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