My Christmas Prayer

Thank you Lord for sending your son Jesus to save me from my sins.  Thank you Lord for the blessings of family and friends, a great husband, food to eat, a bed to sleep in, a sound roof over my head.  Thank you for Your grace and mercy.  Thank You for Your Holy Spirit.  Thank you for Your Holy Word and for revealing Yourself to me.

I lift up those who are suffering with physical ailments.  I lift up to You those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  I lift up to You those whose marriages are struggling, and those whose children have made difficult choices away from Your grace.  Give them your comfort and your peace; remind them who You are.  I lift up to You my brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe who are suffering, those without food, the children without parents to care for them, those in prison, those without needed medical care, clean water or adequate housing.  Provide for their needs Lord.

Forgive me Father for where I have failed You.  For my evil thoughts, my selfishness, and disobedience.  Forgive me for not always helping others when and how I can.  Forgive me for not always speaking words of encouragement when they are needed.  Forgive me for not speaking Your truth boldly to those who need to hear it.  Help me to recognize such opportunities and to walk in faith, not allowing the evil one to influence my decisions.

I rest in Your love and Your mercy for me and am in awe in Your presence.  I praise the Holy name of Jesus.  I give all glory and honor to You Lord.  In Your strength and power, I press on.



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