We proclaim Him. I focus on Him. I follow Him.

This babe in a manger.  The Lamb of God.  The Savior of the world.  My Savior.  The only one who can raise my dead body out of the grave.  Jesus.  He has redeemed my soul.

I wake up in the morning with songs of praise to Him being sung in my head.  Thank you God for watching over my dreams.

It hasn’t always been this way.  I’ve walked the long suffering road of the dark night of the soul.  I’ve pushed back on being part of His body, the church.  He has taken me, terrified and shaking, into some dark places to teach me how to trust in Him alone.  He has blessed me in my efforts to follow after Him.  He pours out His love and grace with such abundance that I can’t bear to stand some days.  My old, fearful self says this won’t last forever.  The day is coming when darkness will return over my life.  I now know this is a lie from the pit.  He is eternal.  His love for me is eternal.  Great is His faithfulness.

You are glorious, almighty, infinite and holy, gracious, full of mercy, love without end, magnificent God, magnificent God.  Our hearts are full of wonder captured by Your beauty.  Falling on our knees we worship You alone.  Magnificent God.  We bow before all You are.

These lyrics are from Bid Daddy Weave’s song Magnificent God.  Some things just resonate with my soul.  They agree in unison that God is the one true God.  He alone is worthy of our praise and worship.

He came to us in a fragile state.  A babe wrapped in cloths, laid in a manger.  The hope of eternity.  The Word of God.  He came to show us true love; pure love.  Lasting love.  Eternal love.  He calls us to himself and offers the most precious of gifts – He offers to pay the penalty of death that we owe for our sins.  To stand in our place before God almighty as our justification.

I hope you have accepted the gift of salvation that Jesus has to offer.  I hope you share this gift with those that you love.

Thank you Lord for your amazing grace.

Worship Jesus.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

Names of Jesus


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