Prepared and Yielding

This past Sunday we had a guest preacher who really walked with the Holy Spirit.  He had put in his hours of preparation to preach on John chapter 8 – in our current sermon series working through the book of John – but God’s Holy Spirit prompted him to preach on another passage of scripture from Psalm 78.  Truthfully he preached two sermons Sunday.  One on what it means to pass on the testimony of God in our lives to our children and our children’s children, and one on what it looks like to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been there myself – following where I believe God is leading us – spending hours on preparing a lesson that God take an entirely different direction than what I had planned.  At first I always felt that I had failed – what a mess.  But eventually, I understood that I had been exactly where God wanted me to be – listening to Him and following the promptings of His Holy Spirit.  Now I always leave room for Him to move among His people.  Notes or no notes.  My plans will never be as good as God’s plans.  I pray that I will always yield to Him.  And I am so glad that our guest did the same.

What is it in your life that you have spent time planning?  Are you willing to let your plans fall away to be replaced with God’s plans?  Take time to pray and give your plans to God to do with as He sees fit.  Sometimes He’ll say, “Thank you child, you’ve done a good job with what I’ve asked you to do.  But now, continue to follow me because we’re about to go a whole new direction.”  You see, I don’t think that the hours I spent, nor the hours spent on preparing the John chapter 8 sermon were spent in vain.  God’s word never returns void.  Those hours served their purpose, and who knows that God won’t use them somehow in the future.  But what is most important is to be prepared and then yielded.  Prepared and yielded.  That is when God will really work through you.  Do the work and then let go of the reigns.

As I’m training my body to walk the pilgrimage in Spain, I am fully aware that I am in a season of preparation.  I think I know where I am headed, but I am certain that I will yield the reigns when the time comes.  Wherever you want to go Lord, I’ll follow.

Be encouraged.  Be prepared.  Press on.

Isaiah 43.19-1

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