Becoming a People of Prayer

As I look at my life with Jesus, one of the areas that I wish to grow is in my prayer life.  I’ve learned to pray and am comfortable praying, but I know that God has more for me here and I want it.  I want to pray in a way that changes my heart to be more like His.  I want to pray for my church – not just for His protection, His comfort and His blessing, but that we’ll become people of power-filled prayer.  I pray that we, as a body, step out boldly in faith to take back some ground in our area that satan has claimed for himself.  That we’ll be knitted together in unity with One Spirit.  I pray that we’ll walk in deeper waters with Jesus as individuals but also as a congregation.

As a leader in women’s ministry, my heart desires that each and every woman at our church will be so connected with Jesus that we can’t help but have stronger marriages, godly parenting, loving outreach to our neighbors, and be light filled influences in our places of work.  Walking throughout our days seeking God, talking with Him, submitted and following after Jesus.  Lord help us to become a people of prayer.

I want to leave a legacy for my children and my children’s children that we are a people of prayer.  A godly people who seek to live a righteous life before God.  Not Pharisees but humble, loving, powerful Christians that eagerly invite others to know our Jesus.  I want God to use us to build His kingdom and to show us how to listen for His voice.  I want my will to be only God’s will.  Help me shed the desires of this world Lord.

The Father’s (Disciple’s) Prayer – ACTS structure for prayer – Practicing the Presence of God – Daily quiet time – Learning from prayer warriors – Being in God’s Word and praying scripture – Keeping a prayer journal

Each of us is different, unique, and precious to God.  Each of us will have a personal relationship with Jesus that we can’t duplicate, but can communicate to encourage others in their walk with Christ.  Father God, show me how to be in constant prayer with you.  Help me to stay focused, to lose any pretense, to sit humbly and quietly in Your presence.  I want to know you more and I want you to change my heart.  Teach me to pray Lord Jesus.  Amen.

Starting my day with prayer.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

Luke 11.13


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