The Measure of My Days

Today my to-do list is lengthy and filled with tasks that aren’t simple nor quick to complete.  My list requires more time than I have today.  It is filled with those things that I’ve put off because they are complex, require a lot of thought, and I need a block of uninterrupted time to complete them well.

My first response to being overwhelmed by my circumstances is to get nothing done.  But I choose to live in the victory and freedom that Jesus offers me.  I surrender my list to Him and trust that He will strengthen me, help me focus, and empower me to accomplish that which He chooses.  The remainder will be there for another day.  I trust that God’s timing is perfect and I’ll do my best to follow His lead.

Billy Graham noted that we all have been given the same amount of time.  The wealthy, the poor, those in good health, those in poor health, those in prison, those working at the head of multi-million dollar corporations.  We all get exactly 24 hours each day until the Lord calls us home.  When I surrender my days to Jesus, I know with certainty that I will not look back upon my life with regrets.

Satan would have us fill our time with “good” activities – keeping us busy, frazzled, and ineffective in our ministry – feeling pressed down.  God would have us fill our time with Him and with service to others – feeling lifted up.  So, if today, your to-do list leaves you feeling pressed down – hand it over to Jesus.  He will lift you up and fill you up to accomplish all that He has planned for you.  Walk today in the joy of the lord!

Lord, I want to use my time, to use my life to bring glory to Your great name; to be fully surrendered to Your will in my life and to serve as a blessing to those around me.  Help me to set aside the good things that my culture says I should do and to pick up the best things that You have planned for me.  Thank You Lord for lighting my path and lifting my spirit.  Amen.

Be encouraged.  Press on.Psalm 39.4


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