The Coming Winter – Praying and Praising

Today didn’t go exactly as I had planned.  (Actually, now that I stop to think about it, many of my days don’t go as I’ve planned.  Anyway, back to today.)  I was planning to go on an 8 mile bike ride.  I still haven’t managed to get a good system in place to remember everything that I want to take before I leave the house on these long journeys.  (ipod, lip balm, pain medicine, neck buff, sun glasses, hat, cell phone, camera, water, kleenex, etc)  This morning was one of those mornings (as was yesterday – after 1 mile I turned around, went back to the house and started over).  This morning, I headed out and soon remembered what I’d forgotten (sadly this becomes a more frequent occurrence the older I become).  I decided, that since I only planned to be gone for 1 hour, I could manage without the forgotten items. 

I rode 4 miles out of town, turned around, and headed for home into the cool, brisk wind of early morning mid-September.  Then it happened; as I was down shifting coming up one of the small hills – SNAP, POP, STOP.  Done.  My gear shifter was hopelessly entangled in the spokes of the back tire.  I couldn’t even roll the dumb thing home.  I wasn’t wearing my hiking boots as this was the day I was going to give my feet a break.  I guess God had other plans for me this morning. 

So I tossed the bike into the ditch (I’ll come back to fetch it with my van).  I started my 3 mile hike back to town in my tennis shoes, really wishing I hadn’t forgotten some of those things earlier.  The Lord and I had a chat and I got an attitude adjustment.  You see God had a few surprises for me on my little hike back to town.  One of those was sparrows.  Lots and lots of sparrows.  Chirping, swooping, dancing, playing joyfully all around me – what a delight that was.  Had I been on my bike, they would have scattered in the wind.

I know that this calling is for the long haul.  My plans are going to be interrupted.  My prayer is that I’ll be persistent, pressing on with a good attitude, regardless of broken bikes, freezing temps, and blistered feet; always watchful for the delight that God has waiting for me as I follow Him praying and praising Him as I go.

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, Acts 16:25

Paul and Silas sat in prison singing hymns to God and praying out loud I’m sure.  I’m thinking their plans didn’t go exactly as they thought they would either.  But what God did with their interrupted life – sitting in that prison praising God in spite of their circumstances – was to bring more and more people to salvation through Jesus.

I was reminded on Facebook this morning that fall is officially a few days away.  That means that winter is coming.  Walking 10 miles on a treadmill in my basement will be my lot this winter (kind of like my prison).  I am prayerful and optimistic that God will have many delights for me there as well as I pray and sing praises despite my circumstances.  Now I just hope my husband can fix my bike for me. 

I hope too that you will pray and sing praises to God where ever you are today, whatever your circumstances, whether in prison or walking on blistered feet; you just never know who will be listening to you.  Be encouraged.  Press on.Image


One thought on “The Coming Winter – Praying and Praising

  1. Cindy Maynard

    Thank you Sheri for sharing. Especially sharing when you had to be interrupted in your plans for the day. Many times we don’t see those opportunities as ones to share because we don’t feel our agenda was accomplished. I am grateful for the reminder to be flexible, to be content in all circumstances, we just never know what God has planned. 🙂



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