A Life Well Lived – Listening, Obedience & Margin

It is coming up on the one year anniversary of my resigning from working outside of my home.  Making that decisions was excruciating for me.  Although I knew it was what God was calling me to do, I didn’t understand fully why nor did I think His timing was really great, not to mention the lost income anxiety.  But He had been prompting me to move for over a year prior to my resignation.  I loved my job.  I was very comfortable there.  I was even serving His kingdom there.  But God asked me to move, and He kept pressing the issue until I obeyed Him.  It was a big step of faith and a new season in life.  Where to now Lord?

He didn’t answer that question quickly or fully.  I’ve walked through the past year day by day open to what He brings to me and learning that others will bring things to me as well.  Saying yes to everything quickly overwhelmed me.  I’ve learned that I have to say no to those things that He hasn’t clearly asked me to do.  Good things, things I’ve been trained to do, things I have a heart to do but things that He hasn’t assigned or prepared for me to do.  I’ve also learned that I must leave margin (you know that white, empty space) in my life and plenty of it.  Being overbooked, didn’t leave room for writing (a clear call from God) – which is taking more time than I’d ever imagined it would.  It also didn’t leave me the freedom to be obedient when God asked me to move, because I’d committed myself and my time elsewhere.


Deciding how I will live my life often is a series of subtle waves of small decisions that lead me down a path that God never intended for me to take.  We, His faithful servants, must be intentional – listening to His voice over all the other voices in our lives.  We are here to bring glory to God by serving others in the name of Jesus Christ, obeying His commands and building His kingdom.  If your daily life is about something completely unrelated, something that God hasn’t called you to do, re-evaluate what you are doing and why through prayer and through seeking God’s wisdom and discernment.  We only get one life.  Let yours be a life well lived for God’s glory.  Read Frances Chan’s Crazy Love book or Radical by David Platt or even Fully Alive by Ken Davis (hysterical – love him!).

I told a friend once that, “God has more for you.”  He has more for me too and I want it.  Let Paul’s words encourage you as Paul was encouraging Timothy to do as he had done – finish well.  Fight the good fight.  Be encouraged.  Press on.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim. 4:7


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