Father’s Day

A holiday to honor our fathers for all that they do and for all that they are to us.  Grandfathers, fathers, husbands, son-in-loves, brothers – they all add depth and strength to our lives.

I spend a lot of time gardening.  I think my love for it grew from my grand-father and father.  Both are terrific gardeners.  Growing up, gardening was one of my daily “chores”.  We used to have huge vegetable gardens – my mother claims that each row was 100’ long – acres of vegetables.  Weeding rows was tedious and hot work.  At my grand-father’s house he also had another vegetable garden as well as flower gardens.  His flower beds always looked so nice.  Now my house is surrounded by flower gardens, and I have a small but productive raised bed garden at the south end of my house.  I really enjoy being outside and watching my plants grow, bloom and produce great food.  I think grandpa would approve.

I also think that my heavenly father approves.  He causes the plants to grow, the sun to shine, the rain to fall.  I hope I get to grow flowers in heaven.  But what I love more than gardening is God’s holy word.

Isaiah 40.8His word is light, truth, comfort, motivation, timeless, eternal.

As you celebrate this father’s day with your family, I hope that you have fond memories of your fathers (and grandfathers) who have passed, have hugs for your fathers who are still with you (be they dads, husbands, sons, or brothers), and that you treasure the words of your heavenly father who gives life to us all.  Happy Father’s Day!

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