Warning: Entering Grandparent Land

Yesterday I was privileged to meet a 7 pound 10 ounce little lady named Natalie Elisabeth Hadassah Szalonek.  She made quite the entrance into my life and into my heart.  A quiet beauty from the start.  Her arrival added a new title to my life – grandma.

Sometimes in life, the only words to express your flood of emotions, aren’t words.  Wow.

Nat headI was honored to be present as my first-born labored with her first-to-be-born.  It was sweet and heart-wrenching for this mama to watch.  I am so proud of my daughter for her focus, her strength, and her self-control.  Those qualities will serve her well as she raises her children to know and follow Jesus.  She’s already one tough mama in my eyes.

Cutting the cord between Natalie and Samantha was a moment I’ll never forget.  The separation of flesh.  The transition from reliance on another for life to breathing life independently.  The very first moments of “Ta-Da, I’m here!”  Natalie rested so quietly and peacefully on her mama’s chest.  Samantha just cradled her little body and stroked her head.  An image, a still shot, a life moment that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.  Life as it should be.  One supporting the other – generations passing on wisdom – words of encouragement in the midst of the labors of life from those who know the deep parts of you.  God presiding over all.

So now that I’ve held her and kissed her – let the spoiling begin!  I need a new sign for my front door – Warning:  Entering Grandparent Land!  I fully intend to pour out so much love on my granddaughter that she’ll have a beautiful view of God!  Grandma’s house will always be a place where God is so present, so overflowing with His’s love and grace and peace that denying Him in any way will be impossible.

And God said to Abraham, “As for you, you shall keep my covenant, you and your offspring after you throughout their generations. (Genesis 17:9, ESV)

Lord Jesus, help me to keep your covenant as we have now been entrusted to raise a new generation of godly offspring to Your service.  Help me to offer wisdom to her parents and to always point them to Your Word, Your Truth.  Help me to take every opportunity to invest time and love into Natalie – putting relationship over to do lists.  Let our family demonstrate the importance and value that You place on family ties; let us be a light to the dark world of brokenness around us.  Help us to overcome past generational shortcomings and to see the new thing you are doing among us.  Shine Your light of forgiveness, healing, wholeness, grace and love through the generations of faithfulness to come in our household.  Pour out Your blessings on my children and my children’s children.  Amen.


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