Be Still – Waiting on the Lord

Come rest listenThat is hard for me.  Hard for many of us.  To sit and wait upon the Lord.  Hard to be quiet and just listen for His voice.  Hard to hear His requests and say, “Yes Lord.”

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27, ESV)

Here I am Lord.  What now?

How am I to serve You today?

When do I know that it is time to move to action and stop sitting still?

That is our natural default position.  I can wait for a while, but eventually my “reasoning” is that I should just take the reins, jump in with both feet and hope that God will bless my choices and actions.  Surely my plans are good enough.

I’ve found that most often the things He asks of me seem ridiculous to me, illogical – not things that I would have imagined nor chosen on my own.  Things that are beyond my capability and out of my comfort zone and often make me look a bit loony to everyone around me.  Things that don’t make sense at the outset.  Rarely does God provide the insight or long term plan and goal.  Generally He waits to see if I will be faithful to take the first step that He’s given me before revealing the next one.  He loves for us to be fully reliant on Him.

Once my plans have failed and I’ve listened to His, I almost always counter His “offer”.  Surely you don’t mean for ME to do that?  I’m not good at that!  I can think of 5 people right off the top of my head who would be better at that than I ever will.  Ok, how about if I do this part and the other part you can pass on to someone else?  Will that be good enough

The way the potter works the clay is fascinating to me.  He forms the pot and then allows it to be broken and chipped by the things of the world.  Then He scoops up the whole mess and re-forms and restores the work into something more useful, more beautiful, and more precious than the original.  We must trust the potter even in the midst of the breaking.  Trust the potter in the midst of the firing.  Trust the potter in the midst of the restoration process.  Allow His fingerprints to be left all over the pot.

Lord, help me to be still, to wait upon You, to allow You to remake my mess to be useful for Your kingdom and to bring glory to Your name.  Amen.


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