A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day in the United States is a holiday that hasn’t been well taught at least in my family.  It is a bit confusing.  My little bit asked me what it was all about; “What do you do on Memorial Day?”  My answer left a lot to be discovered, “Well, you visit graves, have cookouts, remember the soldiers….”  I didn’t have a very good understanding myself.  I thought that Memorial Day was to celebrate/remember/honor the deceased soldiers and Veteran’s Day was to celebrate/remember/honor the soldiers that were still alive but I wasn’t certain; so I checked.  I was wrong.

Taken from Wikipedia:  Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

…who died while serving…  I don’t personally know anyone who died while serving.  I certainly have heard of many, some who lived in our local community.  I know many service men who have had friends who were killed in action.  Their earthly lives were ended in a war.  They served their country with honor.  They sacrificed much – all – as have their families.  We are grateful for such men and women and for their families.  This is why we as a nation stop work for a day to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.  We remember what they have done for us.  They have not been forgotten.


We have monuments with names engraved on them, cemeteries with neat rows of gravestones and flags.  Take a few minutes today to tell your children of our fallen soldiers, take them to the monuments and the cemeteries.  Let them run their fingers over the names, dates, ranks of someone who died to ensure their safety.  Send a note of thanks to a family member who has lost a loved one in war.  Let them know that we have not forgotten.

IMG_9949 (2)

Lord God, we thank You first for Your Son Jesus who died for us so we who believe and follow Him will have eternal life.  We thank You also for the lives of the men and women who bravely volunteer to serve our nation in our military services.  We thank You for Your hand of protection over them, over our country, and for Your grace, peace and comfort for the families who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their loved ones.  We pray that You will strengthen them today as they remember the ones they have lost, and give them Your hope of eternal life where our brothers and sisters in Christ will be reunited again one great day.  Amen.


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