Traveling Through Storms


I was driving home from the cities with a dear friend of mine yesterday when we were headed straight toward on ominous looking storm complete with black clouds, lightening and obvious rain.  I stopped in mid-sentence and said a quick prayer asking for God’s protection as we drove home through the storm.  As it turns out, we had only a few drops of rain actually hit our car and our path home seemed to take us ever so carefully around the storm.  Again today, I spent a beautiful sunny day working around the house and then had to drive to the cities once again.  And once again on the drive home, we were headed toward dark ominous clouds with much lightening.

As I was driving tonight I was reminded of the many storms that I have driven through.  Some with much wind, some with large hail, some with so much rain that I had to reduce my speed and put my hazards on, some requiring that I pull off the road altogether.  I remember one really bad storm that had reports of a tornado involved that caused me to pull off and seek shelter for my daughter and myself at a hotel – we got out of the car entirely.

The power that is contained in a “run of the mill thunderstorm” serves as a small reminder to me of how powerful my God is.  I am thankful time and time again for His protection in the storms of life.  Some storms come with wind, rain, hail and lightening and some storms come with diagnoses, loss, hard decisions, and life lessons.  But through both types of storms, our anchor and protector is Jesus Christ.  He is our refuge and strength in times of trouble.

Father God, I lift up all those countrymen who are dealing with storms tonight, the aftermath of the storms earlier today and the loss of loved ones or personal injury.  I lift up those who have lost material possessions, memories, family history, homes and livelihoods.  I praise you God for protecting so many from harm.  I thank you Lord for the first responders, the volunteers, and the gift of Your Holy Spirit to strengthen the victims.  Lord reveal Yourself to them in a more mighty and powerful way than the physical storm that blew through their lives.  Draw them to you and give them Your peace that surpasses understanding.  Amen.


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