Please Hold for the Next Available Operator

IMG_8722Customer service line….   40 minutes and counting….   I completed and mailed a government form over two months ago.  It should have been processed in less than one month and yet no word.  So I’m attempting to find out what is happening to my form.  Where is it in the process?  Did it never arrive?  Is it lost in the mail?

Thank you Lord God, that my prayers to You are never lost; they are immediately received thanks to the powerful work of Your Son Jesus Christ on the cross and in His resurrection.  No 40 minute wait for a customer service representative.  No two month delay with no news.  No middle man.  Even though the answers to my prayers are not always what I’d like to hear, I am grateful for Your answers as I know that You love me.

Here are some great scriptures and teachings on God’s hearing and answering our prayers.  I hope you’ll read through this and be encouraged today as you take all of your cares and concerns to Jesus.

God’s Promise to Answer Prayer


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