This Precious Lifeline of Truth

Dear believer, you are part of an eternal lifeline of Truth.  A line that extends back to the beginning of God’s story – the beginning of history – and extends into eternity.  You have a vital part to play for someone you haven’t met yet.  This lifeline is created of the humble and great men and women of history past who sought the Lord our God, who made hard decisions to follow after Him and to obey His word so that I would know today, about the truth of Jesus Christ the risen son of God and might obtain a saving faith and life eternal in heaven.  You dear brother or sister are part of this legacy of standing witness to the truth of Jesus for the generations who will come after you.  Your voice, your choices and your actions will leave ripple effects and legacy lines for those who come after you to lead them to Jesus – to assure them that they are on the right path to salvation.

My ripple leavers and legacy builders had names like George McPherren, Florence Marie Van Hook and Johannes Zimmeman and they came from places like Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and England.  Some, to whom I’m indebted, have no recorded names, yet their ripples sill move on through history pointing to Jesus.  I have the written records of people like John Wesley, James Hudson Taylor, and St. Francis of Assisi.  I have the blessing of ripples from Mother Teresa, St. Paul, Esther, Ruth and Alistair Begg to strengthen my faith and encourage me to do more, to do better, to be better by choosing to follow Jesus.  Encouragement to surrender my will each day to my Lord Jesus, and to allow Him to use me in His great story.

The pulse of the image of God in my soul drives me to declare to all creation the Truth of Jesus.  I know not who will be encouraged by the ripples that I leave, but God knows.  This morning I was reading in three different books and although I read for only 30 minutes, the same message was found in each; God’s Holy Word is filled with buried treasure worth digging for.  There are hidden treasures in His Word for you today.  Digging isn’t easy work.  Ripple leavers and legacy builders are also great treasure hunters.  And they shared what they uncovered.  They didn’t selfishly keep the treasure for themselves.

Father God, help me to love treasure hunting through Your Word.  Reveal Your truth to me.  Help me to have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Thank You Lord, for those ripples and legacies that came before me, and by Your grace, help me to leave ripples for those who come behind me.  Amen.


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