A Bucket Full of Joy – Scripture Memorization

A short saying that centers me every time is “Eyes on the Father”.  It tells me that the eyes of my mind, and of my heart, have been distracted onto worldly circumstances (most of which I can’t control) and that I need to readjust my focus back on God, the One who is sovereignly in control of all things.  Another skill that I’ve caught as I’ve walked along my faith path is scripture memorization.  At first it seemed like a daunting chore – something I should do (like exercise) that is good for me but not necessarily a “bucket full of joy” as little bit would say.  But I discovered that the more I exercised that muscle the more true joy God revealed to me.  Not only does it plant His word in my heart but it calms my soul along the way – a true bucket full of joy that Satan didn’t want me to know was there for the taking.

Bible text (1 of 1)

So today, I feel God’s gentle calling to memorize a new passage.  I’m headed back into the book of Colossians to pick up where I left off.  I’m headed back to a place of comfort, peace, and strengthening.  About a month ago, my firstborn recited a lengthy section of scripture to me.  My heart was thrilled for her.  I remember when I first began memorizing large sections of God’s Word how I craved the verbal encouragement of others to continue on.  I’m amazed at how God has removed that craving and replaced it with the desire to draw closer to Him.  It is like God’s invitation to join Him for a quiet stroll through the park on a warm, sunny spring day as time stands still, the sweet scents of flowers and the melodious songs of birds all around; one word at a time, one phrase at a time revealing more secrets and meaning than I had gleaned with my previous hurried readings – slowly soaking in His truth.

I need God’s truth hidden in my heart to help me balance my life. His Word gives direction and clarity.  It refocuses my eyes back on the Father.  He is a God of order in a world filled with chaos.  Thank you Lord, for the treasure of Your holy Word.


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