Answered Prayer

Father, would you please heal my back?  I know you can.

Would you please heal me?

Quickly His answer, “Sheri, dear one, I knit you together in your mother’s womb with this brokenness for a purpose.  Why would I change that purpose now?  Trust me.”

There are many things in life that are difficult to accept from the Hand of the Lord; loss, pain, suffering. …Why Lord?

I will praise you in this storm….

What if your blessings come through tears….

What if the miracle comes in the breaking and brokenness?

The challenge before me each day (and maybe before you too) is this, can I give thanks for the brokenness and not continually ask that it be taken from me?  Can I offer Him a sacrifice offering of my pain and my love?  I’m working on this heart attitude – gratefulness in all things at all times.  Lord, give me strength to shine your light and bring glory to your great name.  Amen.

Bless the Lord O my soul, worship His holy name.



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