Symbols of Encouragement – A Cup and A Pen

Sometimes they are right in front of you.  God uses things that are seen yet hidden.  A cup and a pen.  They’ve been there all the time.

These are the things God used in my life this week.  Ann Voskamp, a cup, and a pen.  I’ve been arguing with the Lord, wrestling with Him over His plans and purposes in my life.  On Friday, I was blessed to be seated in a large stadium filled with Christian women.  Hearing God’s Word, praising His name, spending quiet time with Him, seeking His face and His love.  I went alone yet was not alone.

Ann spoke so sweetly of giving thanks to God for His love, blessings, grace and gifts.  She keeps a glass cup with a single pen in it on her windowsill.  She spoke of how when God’s grace fills us up, it is intended to overflow onto others around us.  She uses a pen to write of God’s faithfulness, goodness and love.  We can share our witness with the world with just a pen and a piece of paper.  She encouraged us to keep a list of 1,000 gifts, and more, and spoke of how that simple list changes your heart.

Write. (I want you to write.)

More here. (Spend more time and energy on these things.)

Less there. (Spend less time and energy on these things.)

God is very gracious, patient, loving, and simple with me – He knows me well.  His voice is the small, quiet one, with words that line up with His Word.  His whispers are very clearly understood in my heart but make little worldly sense.  They challenge me to move beyond where I am comfortable.  They cause me to fear.  I fear the uncertainty and the unknown.  I fear the sacrifice.  They call me and test my faith.  He is faithful and loving.  He gives me symbols and encouragement from sisters, and pastors, and speakers who never realize how they are being used to strengthen me.  I simply smile;  seeing God’s hand at work; seeing a clearly lit path.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. ~ Joshua 1:9

I asked for certainty, and He reassured me.  I asked for clarity, and He provided clarity.  So I now have MY glass cup and a pen in my windowsill, reminding me of Ann, full of grace.  My glass had been holding many pens on my desk. Encouragement seen yet hidden.  Write.

I hope you will share your story and your witness about what God has done, and is doing, in your life, and in the process, encourage others in ways you may never realize.  As Ann will tell you, “You have been blessed, and you can be a blessing.  What a gift!”


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