In 9 days I’ll be leaving the country with 6 other members of my church family to go to where God is preparing a way for us to share His Word and His love with His children.  I am humbled by the opportunity to go – living out the great commission.  I am thankful for all the traveling I’ve done in my life that has prepared me for this trip.  I am thankful for God’s work in me that has prepared me for this trip.  I am thankful for wonderful mentors, preachers, women of God who have brought me to this place of faith where my spirit is willing to go.  I am thankful for my wonderfully supportive husband.

I’ve been prayerfully seeking God’s mercies and surrendering to His Holy Spirit to prepare my heart, mind and body for what lies ahead of me.  We have a tentative schedule of events, yet there are so many unknowns.  We are planning our packing lists, taking gifts for children, taking devotionals to share with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we hope that we not only bless those we encounter but that we are humble enough to learn from them as well.

Weeks after our trip….

God was certainly with us.  It was such a blessing to see how God’s Holy Spirit is present and working throughout the world, throughout different cultures and people groups.  During the pastor’s luncheon that we assisted and supported, we all were stirred by the Holy Spirit in that dirt floored church building.  We stood together as brothers and sisters in Christ as we prayed over one of the pastor’s wives who was ill.  God was also there as we shared with the Bible Institute students and heard how God was working in their lives to shape them and use them for His Kingdom.  God was with us in our children’s ministry opportunities too.  The joy on the faces and in the songs was straight from heaven!

I came home much more blessed than I could have imagined.  Being out of our comfort zones and away from home was challenging.  Being there with my Aledo church family was unforgettable and such an honor.  We had such time with God, time each morning in devotions and prayer as a group, time of service and time of being served.  I’ll never forget the smiling children, Oscar and Tami’s home and family – such hospitality!  I’ll also never forget the laughter, singing, and fellowship.  Now we are to be faithful in sharing all that God has shown us.  There is more to do and more who need to walk closer with our God.


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