Life on Full Speed Ahead

Have you ever had an extended season of an absolutely “crazy” life pace; where things continue to pile on your plate at a rate higher than you can remove them, where circumstances have you running in multiple directions at once, where sleep deprivation starts to infringe on your ability to function?  I’ve been through this before, and I’m sure that it will come around again.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and unglued, but with God at the helm, guiding you through this season, you’ll come out stronger for the fight.  Here are a few thoughts from my recent crazy season:

1) focus on God not your circumstances

2) remember God’s Word – scriptures are such a source of comfort and peace in the midst of chaos

3) deal with the important not the urgent – people are important

4) ask for grace and help from others – be willing to accept help and be willing to let some things go undone

5) remember that this is just temporary – be open and teachable filled with God’s Holy Spirit

6) keep an attitude of gratitude Philippians 4:6-9

If you see a friend in such a season, write a note of encouragement to her.  Step in and simply say, “I’m here to help.  What can I do for you? What do you need?”

Life is full of business for all of us.  Learning to set boundaries so we don’t overburden ourselves or others is an important learned skill.  Give yourself permission to say no to good things so God can use you for some great things.


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