5 Reasons for Suffering

Below are my notes taken from an audio sermon posted on Truth for Life.  This is a powerful message about difficult times in life when we suffer.  I recommend listening if you have time.

Alisair Begg – Truth for Life Encore 2011  Why Suffering?  ID 2163


1) It is the common human condition of living in an imperfect world. (The fall)

2) God intends it to be corrective (sometimes).

3) Romans 5 – God intends it to be constructive. (to shape us and mold us to be like Jesus)

4) To bring glory to God – John 9.

5) Job – Cosmic purposes (sometimes).  We can love God for Who He is regardless of what we receive from Him.

Are you prepared to trust God completely?

Suffering used to test our faith and make us wiser and stronger.

Pain and growing old are one of God’s great blessings not curses. – They constantly remind us that this life will come to an end and what then…are we prepared to meet God in eternity?


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