Serving and Resting in Him

I have allowed the things of life to “busy” my life almost to the point of illness.  Out of balance again and desiring rest in Jesus, for my body and soul.  He has poured so many blessings out on me.  Life can be overwhelmed by blessings!

This last week I was honored to be included in a mission trip with some of our youth from church.  They really impressed me on so many levels.  They represented Jesus well – brought glory to His name, loved on someone else by working hard for the Lord and offering kind words, and they loved each other along the way.  It was just terrific to see the body of Christ – alive, vibrant, fully functioning, and making a difference for God’s kingdom.

I didn’t expect such joy.  I didn’t expect a room filled with the love of God on Tuesday night as a young man accepted Jesus as his savior and another young lady re-committed her life to Jesus.  But God did.  He knew, and I praise Him that I was there as a witness to His work!  Sometimes He just gives us a good push to get our attention!

“How was the trip?” – I find it difficult to answer that questions.  My typical response is, “It was great!”  There is so much to tell that it won’t fit into a short reply.  I do know that I will never forget this trip.  God showed me something new in Pharaoh’s snake – no I AM sovereign.  And He showed me my heart – what needs to change in my attitude toward unbelievers.  That sometimes we need to help those who make one wrong decision after another digging themselves into a pit – we need to help them IN JESUS’ NAME to give them hope, and truth, and a way of escape.  Let God work through us in His way and in His time to change the hearts and minds of others who do not know Him.  Meet them where they are, God will do the rest.

Jesus asked me to do something that I was not willing to do, and I answered, “Yes, Lord.”  God is always faithful.  Am I always faithful?  Following Jesus, when we are not comfortable doing so, reveals His power at work within us.

I made some new friends, met some terrific people who love the Lord, traveled 1,400 miles to help a woman I would not have helped at home, and God changed me.

Joshua 4:1-9  …these stone are to be a memorial….  to remember the things that God has done among us and for us.  Praising Jesus – serving and resting in Him.


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