Perserverence and Discipline

Two words that don’t really get me very excited…in fact they generally bring to mind painful trials.  But what they produce, when God appoints them, is fruit, sweet, pleasant, fruit.  Refinement.

Today seems to be one of those days; physical pain, exhaustion, throw a little bit of nausea in there add a to-do list that seems to be too long… yet I know others do more seemingly effortlessly – why don’t I measure up?  It is these times when I know my Shepherd’s voice: Ahhh but you are the child of the King, forgiven and restored, imperfect yet cherished, created with your own purpose not to be compared to others.

I so want to bring Him glory, and yet I often feel as though I am useless, overwhelmed, insufficient, and a failure; falling so short of the mark.  I know these feelings are deceptive and not of God, but sometimes these feelings are difficult to lay down.  I need to put on God’s armor and declare who I am in Christ.

I try to be intentional, to live a life worthy of the Lord, a life that reflects His love to others and brings Him glory.  To walk the talk.  To lead by example.  Lord give me eyes to see Your truth and strength to fight the good fight.  May I be a blessing to You.


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