Today’s Manna

I woke up this morning early – my body still needing more sleep.  My throat was raw and painful.  Thank you Lord for another day of life here with my family.  Please watch over them today – my heartbeat, my breath.

I roll out of bed determined to be fruitful – to do all things as unto the Lord.  I start in – housework, left over dishes from the night before, “pretties” on shelves that haven’t been dusted in months, smelly trash.  Thank you Lord for our abundance!  Then it is on to the yard work.  Three hours of sweeping, trenching, pulling weeds, mosquito bites, aching back, working the soil.  Thank you Lord for hard work and for beautiful flowers, for the yard, this house, my body that is still able to serve You.

Then the rumblings of thunder, and soon after, the gentle summer rain – life giving water from heaven.  Now I sit inside, needing a shower myself and thinking of Him.  I stumble upon a website established as a world wide celebration of God and His creation (Join The Applause). Showing others His existence via His creation. Celebrating His beauty.

My tiny yard is not forgotten in the vastness of the universe that He created.  Is He pleased with my effort, my sweat, my gift of service to those who live with me and near me, to Him?

I know He is pleased when I sit in the still, quietness of this house with Him.  He provides enough for today – enough work, enough food, enough rest, enough love.

I pray you have lived today with eyes to see and an open hand to the gifts He has offered you and have been filled by His manna.

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