I’m not sure why this came so strongly to mind, but once again a parallel.  Nourishment needed to grow and thrive – to develop beauty and produce fruit.

Substances that supply plant nutrients or amend soil fertility. – Soil transformation.

“And others fell on the good soil and yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty.”  Matthew 13:8

Seeds and soil – the Word and the condition of my heart. 

Have I allowed God to cultivate – to stir up – to work His hands through the dark dirt of my heart?  Is my soil ready to receive His Word – ready to yield a crop of 30 or 60 or 100 times the amount sown? Or is the soil of my heart still frozen (rock solid) in the midst of winter?

Lord, help prepare the soil of my heart to receive Your Word.  Work in Your fertilizer – amend my soil – my soul – so that Your seeds yield a bumper crop of fruit for Your Kingdom.  Oh, that I may produce fruit that pleases Thee!


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